More About Me

What drew me to real estate was the concept of agency. I love being a trusted advisor for my clients, not only educating but walking them through every step of such an important transaction. I also found real estate to be a very natural transition for the skills I developed over more than a decade of operating an independent business in the music, wedding and event industries. As a DJ, getting to know my clients particular tastes, helping them articulate a vision and then bringing that vision to life was my favorite part of the job.

My decision to work with Windermere was an easy one. For me Windermere is synonymous with Seattle real estate. It is not only the largest and most prestigious firm in the region, but their culture and value system aligns very much with my own. It’s a people first company that goes above and beyond in its commitment to their clients, brokers, and their community.

If you are looking for a broker dedicated to your needs, I’d love to start a conversation.